How TicketingHub got to number 1 of Google Searches in a short time

4 min readMar 18, 2021

About TicketingHub

Without any outbound marketing, TicketingHub has become one of the fastest-growing bootstrapped reservation systems for Zoo’s, Aquariums, Ziplines, Pub Crawls, Distillery Tours, Food Tours & Activities.

Our cloud reservation software helps our clients sell online, in person, and through distribution partners all from a single dashboard. Our clients stop wasting time managing bookings and more time running their business.

TicketingHub is a tiny company compared to its rivals and market leaders: FareHarbor, Peek Pro, Rezdy, Accesso, ACME Ticketing who have all raised millions in capital and all have a huge marketing budget.

How does David fight against Goliath?

Thanks to our limited resources we’ve had to be very strategic with our growth focusing on solving one problem at a time for each client and keeping things simple and intuitive for everyone to use to limit our customer support.

We have great case studies as we’ve helped Secret food tours scale from 0 to 55 cities around the world into the largest food tour in the world.

The Sound and Light Show of the Pyramids of Egypt grew 500% thanks to our simple checkout process.

Our clients include EasyJet, New Europe Tours, Blair Drummond Zoo, Chivas, CitySightseeing, London Bridge Experience, and many more.

So our word of mouth growth has been sensational but that’s not enough for a business to grow, even less during COVID.

So where do you start?

In most industry, everyone is now competing against the same keywords, so how do you make sure you rank number 1 when you don’t have a huge budget for content or advertising?

We sought the advice of Éric Ingrand, a digital growth hacker. Éric was at the forefront of bringing modern digital content strategy to the travel industry and many other sectors and came to help us with extremely clear a pragmatic advice that we implemented

We started by listing all the industries we worked with. The money is in the niches, the more specific you are with each segment of the market, the more chance you will rank well with google and convert the lead after.

“Remember Google is only looking to answer their customer's questions by providing the most relevant information on the web.”

After segmenting our market, we created unique landing pages with unique content. Here is an example of our Zoo Page.

We searched for all the keywords related to niche and reservations using tools like SemRush

Once we did this for every page of our website, we then had to create unique titles and Meta titles for each page.

Yes, we use Webflow and love it!

We also looked for hidden gems: specific searches that our potential customers were making. As an example, a lot of leads of ours have a WordPress website therefore were looking for a “ WordPress Booking System”. Once you know this, we created a page for WordPress integration with TicketingHub.

The next step is to create backlinks to your website, and there are loads of places (like here) where you can create great backlinks to your website. In the B2B space, you have Indie Hacker, Product Hunt, G2, Capterra, and many more.

Once this was in place, we started going up in the ranking rapidly, but still not reaching number 1…

Google is always looking for fresh content, that’s being updated and is relevant to a Googler’s queries, so we started playing with the text, trying not to overload the system with too many keywords and using similar words or words to our original keywords.

point of sale / ticket sales / management software / zoos and aquarium /gift shops / reservation system / sell tickets / sales and marketing / admission control / ticketing software / guest experience / web store / pos system / . membership / gift shop / inventory management

Funny enough we don’t offer membership or gift shops, but this is what Google expects to see when looking to answer our leads questions “Zoo Reservation Software”.

So we started playing with all these terms, phrases that revolve around Zoo’s and after a few months of hard work, here we are number 1 of google surpassing all of the largest funded business that writes content on a daily or weekly basis

It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. Don’t follow the crowd, lead the way.

Check out our teaser video below or register for a demo here.

If you have any questions about SEO or startups, feel free to hit me up on Linkedin.